Jazz choir with courses at Hammersmith & Fulham
How to play dixieland jazz, how Louis Armstrong did it, lessons & band in a box songs
Online resources for school projects.
John Cotton Dana library at Rutgers State University
Teaching site of Leeds based jazz guitarist
Downloadable jazz play-along tracks for all instruments, all levels, all twelve keys.
Jazz Summer camps and residency that coincides with the Stanford Jazz Festival
Music technology course
Re-issue and new releases including 12 by Gordon Beck
Complete catalogue and more, with sounds and images
Sole distribution rights for Phil Collins Big Band music
Web site covers what they do, publications and resources, education, music events
Produce guide for financial help for students with details of grants available from LEAs
Scottish listings, features, links and much more.
Major jazz award in Europe
Issues licences for public performance & broadcast and collects copyright fees for the origin...
Jazz promotions and a festival
Good site with listings. Jazz promotions mainly in Dublin.
Paul Blair guides you through the jazz landmarks of New York.
Jazz colour photography
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