Boca Raton, FL 33488, USA
Text, tips, lessons, clips, sheet music, exercises.
A small independent label producing jazz-jungle, contemporary and future-jazz.
Label for contemporary improvisation music
Jazz page on live music site for Lincolnshsire and East Midlands
One Language Records was founded by Robert Wardrck to promote international jazz artist.
Arts and Leisure – information and listings – worldwide World music.
Organisation making quality jazz more accessible throughout Ireland. Well worth a look
Now has ssample materials for jazz courses and booking forms
Trumpet manufacturers
John Zorn’s label.
National Endowment of Science Technology and Arts
Independent label with 16 releases.
Website of three professional jazz bands with regular live dates.
A not for profit network of Europen jazz promoters, organisations
Rare vinyl,sheet music, photos,magazines,books based in New York
Gigs around the West Midlands
Slim Chance Recordings is a digital only record label headed by World Fusion Jazz artist and prod...
CD cover design
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