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Complete catalogue and more, with sounds and images
Reissues rare jazz, latin and Brazilian albums
Jazz label with a roster of international stars including Joe Locke, Tim Garland and Henry Hey.
One Language Records was founded by Robert Wardrck to promote international jazz artist.
producing recordings of jazz and improvisational music from around the world
Includes latest releases, Artist info, forum and audio samples.
High quality mainstream recordings plus a cappella and latin
Sole distribution rights for Phil Collins Big Band music
Distributor (Ambia Music) and label specialising in jazz
Jazz, calypso, caribbean.
Label for contemporary improvisation music
22 years of independent releases of sontemporary, improvised, experimental and difficult musics
Improvised music label.
Audiophile label with diverse catalogue but includes jazz e.g. Sheila Jordan
Small idealistic label for Norwegian jazz and folk.
Label run by bass player Malcolm Creese
Largest Scandinavian independent record company
Major label for improvised music in Switzerland
A small independent label producing jazz-jungle, contemporary and future-jazz.
Danish independent jazz label
One of Europe’s oldest jazz labels
Improvised & free jazz label
Vintage and new jazz recordings
Norwegian jazz with biogs, reviews and mp3 sound bites
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