London, UK
Jazz listings, musician profilfes and festivals
1216 Post Street, Alameda, CA 94501, USA
Jazz radio programme
Association of Danish Professional songwriters and composers
Gallery of classic jazz photos by William Gottlieb.
Sales of courses and books by Michael Furstner.
Jazz Photos of USA players
Re-issue and new releases including 12 by Gordon Beck
Site for programme details, reviews, photos for Nottingham Jazz House and Notts jazz consortium
John Zorn’s label.
Features recordings from various artists
Bi-monthly Italian magazine
Government supported showcasing of Dutch jazz – biannual
Jazz, calypso, caribbean.
A Midi system that provides a thrilling way to create/explore sound for those with limited mobility
Session biographies.
Largest Scandinavian independent record company
400 members worldwide including writers and photographers
Good site with listings. Jazz promotions mainly in Dublin.
Small idealistic label for Norwegian jazz and folk.
Nonprofit collective artists dedicated to jazz education, performance and promotion.
Excellent resource for research on jazz in Europe and USA
London, UK
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